Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cake Mix Cookies

For Cookie Monday, I adapted this recipe for Strawberries & Cream Cookies to create Funfetti cookies. Since the recipe really is reliant on the cake mix that you use, you can make pretty much anything. I used Funfetti cake mix and produced a bunch of little cake cookies. So good! I've made them with lemon cake mix, yellow cake, strawberry, and I'm hoping to try with carrot cake mix soon.

Also of note, I just made a HUGE batch of kimchi using cabbage, daikon radishes, carrots, and garlic from the farm. I ordered a big bag of gochugaru chile flakes off Amazon for like $10 so I have enough to make more kimchi in the future. I've already eaten the first few jars I made over the summer, so I'm excited to have more. Love it so much!

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