Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Worth Noting

I'm going to do a post soon, when I am motivated, to explain why I am not cooking very much lately.

The key word to that is "cooking." BAKING, however, is extremely frequent.

Last Thursday I made a half-batch of my go-to Pudding Cookies for my gentleman's going-away party on his last day of work. (YAY, he is on day shift again!) He wanted "maybe peanut butter or chocolate?" so I chopped up some mini Reese's cups and added a little handful of milk chocolate chips. Yum!

Then this week I baked Lemon Crinkle Cookies because one of my coworkers requested them. Light and lemony and perfect for the spring that we are still hoping will arrive. I actually made them on Saturday in preparation for Monday, and they were still the right texture on Monday. This is such a great recipe. Make it now. And the pudding cookies.

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