Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Have A Gentleman Who Cooks

Now I am going to explain why I do not really cook anymore: I have a gentleman who cooks.

I've posted about him for a long time now so that shouldn't come as a shock. My cooking waned for awhile because he's been on a night-shift job Monday through Friday for the past year and it never made sense for me to make fancy dinners just for myself while we were on opposite schedules. So most of my cooking has been for friends, parties, special occasions, or (of course) Cookie Monday.

But he is off of night shift now! After a year of this terrible schedule, he got a new job where he is on a Regular Person Schedule. You might assume this means that I would start cooking again. I'd fall into my old habits. I'd make grocery lists and meal plans and make new things every night. My kitchen-control-freak would come back out of hiding. But that is very unlikely to happen. Why?

Because I have a gentleman who cooks.

He eats meat, and he cooks meat, but he doesn't forget about me. When things like shrimp or tofu are finding their way into my meal, then we cook together, where he makes the main part of whatever the food is and I add in my vegetarian stuff. He knows I like to experiment with recipes and is open to trying new things, but he really enjoys making our food. Recently we were discussing this and he said, "I don't like to eat food other people made. I want to know that I made our food, that I'm providing for us." And I love that.

{This was dinner Sunday night. He made scallops (steak for himself), roasted broccoli, and twice-baked potatoes. From scratch. WITHOUT A RECIPE.}

I have been tired for a long time, and to have someone just sort of take the reigns like this is so indescribably relieving. And to be able to trust someone to take over the kitchen from me? Clearly it shows I've found someone special. Because those of you who've followed here know that I've never been able to relax like that ever, in my whole life.

So my patience has been rewarded, in the form of a handsome gentleman and a LOT OF BREAKFAST FOOD.



And I am thankful. I am so, so thankful.

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