Friday, February 07, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

Okay! Let's wrap this all up. So we had a Super Bowl party last weekend and a bunch of people came over. For me, this was really my first opportunity since moving to this house a year ago to really Have A Party. I got lots of drinks and chips, and I printed out huge posters from Tumblr of things like Tom Brady crying and Peyton Manning's head on a horse. I even printed out Marshawn Lynch to put into a bowl of Skittles.


So here's a basic rundown of what we had, besides Skittles, chips, soda, and beer:


*Vegetables & dip
*Buffalo Chicken Dip from my friend Kiefer (no recipe available, sorry)
*Taco Dip
*Sideline Smokies
*Strawberry-Lime Margarita Jello Shots
*Smoky wings from Grumpys in Allentown:

*These bad boys from my friend Jason:
Unsure what exactly they were, but there was definitely a crushed pretzel base, some caramel, and some chocolate. SO good. I wish I had gotten the recipe.

*Brownies (from a box), cut into football-shapes with a cookie cutter and decorated with icing:

*Cupcakes from a box, with homemade printable flags I found on Pinterest

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