Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cookie Monday: 1 Year!

Thanks to my blog, I am aware that I've been doing Cookie Monday for work for exactly one year this week. With the exception of a few weeks when I was not at work on a Monday (Labor Day, the week I was in Vegas, etc), I've brought cookies every single Monday. And I haven't repeated any recipes! That was my personal goal - to make it a year without repeats.


Well, the year was up, so I decided to ask my friends/coworkers which cookie I should make to celebrate. The unanimous decision was Unicorn Poop.

And so I made Unicorn Poop. Nine dozen! For some reason they were flatter than usual and not as swirly-poopy, but I think that was probably okay. If you're curious what goes into making each cookie, here's an idea:


And then I roll them up like poops, bake them, and let them cool.


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