Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shark (A Food Post)

While I was in Myrtle Beach with my gentleman's family, we ate shark.


{Composite photo from my Instagram featuring all parts of this story}

The story is such: Gentleman and his male relatives went on a deep-sea fishing trip one of the days we were on vacation. They caught little sea bass, then used those as bait for shark. They also caught a flounder but flounders are gross and flat and the both eyes are on the same side and ew. But shark! They each caught one. (YES it was legal.) Specifically, they caught dogfish sharks. The fisherman leading the voyage then prepared the sharkfish to take home. This means he cut it up and skinned it and made it into nice little non-fish-looking filets in a cooler.

We have one of the shark's jaws in the freezer in the basement. It is going to be mounted.

I know, this is such a non-Lauren post. Bear with me, it gets better, kind of.

So meanwhile, I'm hanging out with the ladies of the family and we all get texts like "Babe. Caught some shark. On our way back to the condo. Find a recipe."

Not knowing what else to do, we looked to Pinterest.

Not finding anything helpful on Pinterest, we looked to Youtube.

I thought this guy's recipe sounded great, but we ended up not using it.

As this was a week prior to Shark Week, myths began to run rampant in the condos. The most pervasive was that sharks pee through their skin and thus shouldn't be eaten or they'll taste like pee. This turns out not to be the case. LESSON TIME: some sharks store 'urea' under their skin, which is urine-ish and smells like ammonia. This can be remedied by skinning the fish when you catch it. Which is what our men did.

Just in case, Gentleman decided to soak the filets in a little waterbath of warm water, fresh lemon and lime juice, and some beer. (IT IS A VACATION, THERE MUST BE BEER.)

Despite the various videos found online, we ultimately went with a quick and easy fish fry. We picked up some batter from the grocery store (side note: never go to the grocery store in Myrtle Beach. Any of them. Bring everything you need. It is a nightmare.) as well as some vegetable oil and potatoes. I made some little oven fries which I was so proud of but only turned out mediocre since they stuck to the condo pan.

Gentleman and his brother in law mixed up all the batters and fried the little pieces of shark. We served it with tartar sauce and/or malt vinegar.

TRUTH TIME: Dogfish shark tastes like cod. It was basically like a New England fish fry. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible, certainly nothing scary. It was an exciting adventure and now we can all say we've eaten shark.

We also learned that you can't leave oil on the stove while you're eating your shark because it will get too hot, smoke everywhere, and burn the next batch to thoroughly black chars. Oops.

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