Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

ON THE PINTEREST.... (begins every food post...)

There have been several pins floating around discussing making cinnamon roll waffles using canned cinnamon buns and your waffle iron. On a trip to the grocery store recently, Pillsbury Grands CinnaBon cinnamon buns were on sale, so, despite my better judgment, I grabbed a can. The other night we were hanging out and around 11:00 my gentleman said how much he wished he had waffles.

Being the best girlfriend ever, I then took out the can of cinnamon buns, placed each one onto the waffle iron, and let it cook for four minutes.


SO. DELICIOUS. They're wonderfully perfect and they cook so well in the waffle iron. Yum!

The only downside: four minutes to cook, three days to clean :( The cinnamon/butter mixture from the buns melts and sticks ALL OVER THE PLACE on the waffle iron and it is super difficult to clean. Google it. It's a complaint everyone has when they make it. You just have to decide if it's worth it to you or not (and for me it is).


Lauren said...

Did you spray the waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray beforehand?

Lauren said...

I did spray it, very well indeed! The problem is that the cinnamon/butter stuff Pillsbury puts in their cinnamon rolls just oozes EVERYWHERE and then dries up as the rolls cook, so then you're screwed. It's clean and functional now though.