Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bacon Butter Cups

I know.

I don't even know.

Here's the thing: My gentleman has a pan here. It has a big B on the underside so we know it's his pan. He is a carnivore. He eats meat. You know this from the recipe I posted a little while ago about cooking steak in the oven.

Meat is cooked in my house now.

As a result, there are beef patties and chicken breasts in the freezer, bacon and pepperoni in the refrigerator. My gentleman's influence has taken over, and I am completely okay with it. For the first time in my life. Ever.


So my buddy posted a recipe on my Facebook a little while ago for "Bacon Buttercups" from the Facebook page "Occupy Bacon." These little treats were homemade reese's peanut butter cups with a surprise layer of bacon in the middle.

I know.

I told him, "I can't make this. I don't cook meat. I want to make these for you because it is an exciting adventure and a challenge, but I just don't think I can bring myself to do it."

Well, when I was making the cookies for Cookie Monday, I ended up with some extra peanut butter mixture... and some melted chocolate... and there was bacon in the refrigerator...

So I made the peanut butter bacon cups.

I don't have a picture. I only made six. I fed one to my gentleman and his parents at a barbecue Sunday night, and then to a couple of friends at work (including the one who'd asked for them in the first place). Only one person did not like them (I'm looking at you, Trevor) and the rest felt that they were insanely amazing. As a vegetarian/pescetarian, I can't imagine the combination of bacon and peanut butter and chocolate being good, but apparently it is. These went over so well (and were so fun to make!) that I would consider making them for things like parties or Christmas. I'm pretty proud of myself!

The original recipe's post is here: Post-Christmas Bacon Hangover

Here is the recipe:

Bacon Butter Cups
27 tons of Bacon, cooked
2 pounds of milk chocolate
14-16 ounces of creamy or smooth peanut butter (Lauren note: I mixed this with some confectioners' sugar to get the consistency of a Reese's)
2 1-dozen mini muffin tins with mini paper cups

Begin by putting the Bacon in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

Place 24 paper cups in the 2 of the mini muffin tins. Next, melting 1 pound of chocolate in a double boiler. Once tempered, add a generous dollop to the bottom of each cup. Using the back of a soup spoon, gently push the chocolate upwards to coat the sides of the cup. Repeat until all 24 cups have been filled.

You may need to retemper the chocolate depending on how quickly you work.

Place them in the refrigerator for approximately 2 hours to harden.

While they’re setting, remove the Bacon from the freezer and dice in to bit sized pieces. Pan fry them in small handfuls over medium to low flame. Place it off to the side to cool.

After the 2 hours, remove the cups from the refrigerator and add a cluster of Bacon to each chocolate shell.

Melt an additional 1/2 pound of chocolate and drop a modest dollop of chocolate on to the Bacon. Set it back in the refrigerator for approximately 2 hours.

Once set, begin mixing the peanut butter until it’s smooth. Add a small scoop to the cups and smooth out. Make sure to leave room for the chocolate top.

Melt the remaining 1/2 pound of chocolate and spoon it on top if the peanut butter.

Tip: work from the center out, pushing the chocolate to the sides rather than spreading it.

Place them in the refrigerator for approximately 4 hours.

Plate, serve, and devour.

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