Monday, May 20, 2013

Mexican Polenta

I've had this tube of polenta in my pantry since Thanksgiving, when I went to visit my parents and had a chance to stop by Trader Joe's (thank goodness for a long shelf-life). Yesterday I had this surge of energy and decided I MUST COOK, so I went through my pantry and found the polenta. Then it became my mission to cook something with it. BUT WHAT? I immediately googled it. I can't remember the exact search term, but it was something like "What to do with a tube of polenta." Lo and behold, the very first search option was a post on a message board from 2008.

What To Do With Polenta In A Tube ~~~~ MY POST. Something I had posted on a message board years and years ago. Omg. I died. And the best part about it? I offered a recipe! In my post! I never even remembered making it!

So guess what I made last night? My own recipe! The one for Mexican Polenta! I am such a tool.

It was delicious, though!

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