Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Philadelphia Weekend

I spent this past weekend in Philadelphia with my gentleman and, while our goal was to visit the Philadelphia Science Festival, we still managed to explore some of the food in the city. Our food pretty much consisted of either bar food, food trucks, or hipster cafes. Let's review:

Bar Food

This is a terrible picture, I know. It was hard to take pictures because it was so dark. This is a vegan sandwich I ate at the City Tap House on Saturday night. The menu describes it as "pickled vegetables, avocado, tofu mayo, lettuces, crispy wontons." It was pretty good, but the french fries were amazing. Gentleman got a burger and a salad and seemed to enjoy it. It was nice to have such tasty food to accompany craft brews. I like this fancy-bar-food movement.


We also went to the Yards Brewery for a brewery tour and tasting. No food was had, but their offerings sounded wonderful. Here's what's so awesome about Yards: they make beer with grains, then take the slurry of leftover grains and give them to a local farmer. The farmer feeds the grains to his bison and uses some of the grains and yeast to make bread. Then he gives some of the bison and bread back to the Brewery. So you can order a bison burger, made from bison that have eaten the same grains that are in your beer, on bread from the same grains as well. Confusing? Yes. So goes the circle of life.

Food Trucks

Our hotel was located in University City near Drexel and UPenn, so the trend of food trucks was inevitable (and welcomed). You may remember my obsession with food trucks from my trip to California last year. While most of the food trucks were closed for the weekend (not a busy time), the amazing Insomnia Cookies truck was open - serving freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies up until 3am (and OH MY GOSH they are delicious). We also had some falafel (for me) and cheesesteak (for Gentleman) from a food truck that I cannot seem to identify, but was run by two wonderfully humorous Afghani gentlemen. I loved it, but not s much as I loved my cookies.

**Side note: When I went to their website to link to the cookie truck, I learned that they DELIVER. OH MY GOSH. Why didn't this exist when I was in college????**

Hipster Cafes

I guess we really only went to the one cafe, but it was enough hipsterness to fill our quota for the weekend. MilkCrate Cafe in Fishtown served delicious breakfast and lunch foods. We went there right before the Yards tour. I got a breakfast burrito of delicious eggs and beans and everything else. Gentleman got a fancy lil' BLT made on some really great rustic wheat bread. The only problem is that everything was covered in vinyl records and everyone present had Apple products and everything was all cutesy (the BLT was called the "RUN-BLT" etc). Cute and delicious, AMAZING coffee, good enough!

Our trip to Philly was lovely and I hope to go back sometime. While our goal this trip was to eat as cheaply as possible, perhaps in the future we will try some of the fancier restaurants in the city. So fun!

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