Saturday, February 02, 2013

First Week

My only three rules to adhere to per my intervention are:
1) Eat dinner every night. Including cereal. As long as it doesn't involve chocolate or coffee or sour patch kids.

2) Have fresh vegetables, milk, and bread in my house at all times. NOT EXPIRED, EITHER.

3) Grocery shop every weekend. Not just for the cookie-Monday ingredients.

I have succeeded in eating dinner every night. One night it was Cali Burrito. A couple of nights it was a bagel and some eggs or some other breakfast food. I had three nights of big salads. I did a good job.

I still have vegetables, milk, and bread. None of them are expired.

But I don't really want to go grocery shopping :( I don't really need to this week. I'm not sure what I would buy. I probably should have had a Super Bowl party, which would have forced me to make food.

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