Friday, December 14, 2012

Spaghetti Pie

I haven't made dinner for another person in a long time. My best friend Erica moved out a few months ago, and I've cooked for her and my brother when they've visited, but not a whole lot. Usually when they visit we go out to dinner. Usually when other people are involved in dinner at all, we go out to dinner. So other than baking mad amounts of cookies, I usually cook only for myself.

Yesterday I decided to make dinner for a friend, and that was terrifying because I desperately did not want to disappoint. Thus, I picked my old standby: Spaghetti Pie. Sure, it has soy and not meat. But it's the best, and a solid recipe, and something I know I'm good at making, so I made it. It went over VERY WELL. I barely have enough for leftovers, which is awesome but also kind of sad because I could probably eat this every single day forever if given the opportunity.

Thanks, Spaghetti Pie!

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