Monday, December 24, 2012

Emeril's Burgers & More

My parents came to visit this weekend for early-Christmas since I work in healthcare and wasn't going to be able to visit CT for the holiday this year. I already knew I wanted to go to brunch at Trapp Door with them on Sunday (which we did), but I wasn't sure what to do for dinner on Saturday. I asked my mom, and she said, "Let's go to the casino!"


There are a lot of restaurants at the Sands Casino, which is about 15 minutes from my house. I've already eaten at the primary Emeril's Chop House, but he has two more in the Sands: an Italian restaurant, and a burger restaurant. We decided on the burger one. It's the least expensive, and also the most Dad-friendly. FYI: "Burgers And More" = BAM = Emeril's catchphrase. I had a fun time introducing my parents to Yuengling (one of my favorite beers, happens to be regional) and then we ordered food. Bless their little hearts for letting me take pictures of their food before they ate it. Seven years of this blog has trained them well.


So first my mom and I ordered fried artichokes, which were amazing and came with a spicy chipotle sauce. So good. Oh my gosh. I wish I'd gotten like six orders of it.


My dad decided to order the chicken tortilla soup, a special, instead, which he described as "phenomenal." It is not often that my dad gets this excited about food, so this soup must have been truly excellent. I was unable to try it since it was chicken. Boo.


Since it's a burger restaurant, obviously we all ordered burgers. Nothing will ever ever top the lobster burger I had at Central in DC several year ago (NOTHING. EVER.) but that's ok. I ordered the veggie-portobello burger, described on the menu as "grilled portobellos, balsamic onions, sweet peppers, avocado, olives, spinach, and basil-garlic mayo." It came with "BAM" seasoned fries that were wonderful and amazing. My burger itself was a little bit underwhelming but I liked it. I wished I had ordered the crab cakes though :(


Actually what happened with the burgers is that my mom wanted the veggie burger but also the salmon burger ("grilled Atlantic salmon, kicked up slaw, vine tomato, avocado, sweet bell peppers, and red remoulade sauce"). So what we did is cut our burgers in half and share. I honestly didn't love her burger but I think it's because she got the salmon medium and I feel like it's too fishy when it's not over-cooked (my standards for fish are terrible). She didn't love her salmon burger either. We both agreed mine was better.


My dad, ever the carnivore, got a basic cheeseburger (8 oz prime grass-fed beef) with chorizo baked beans on the side. Again, he was massively impressed with his dinner. I think the thing I learned is that the basics here are probably the best.


AND THEN DESSERT, obviously!

I got a pecan sticky bun with locally-made vanilla ice cream on top. It was alright. I wished it had been warm, and I wished it had been more of a "sticky bun." It really was more like a cinnamon bun with some caramel on top.


My mom got a crumble-topped apple pie (which I still can't eat!) and loved it.


All in all, it was a really good meal. Very yummy, and not nearly as expensive as the other restaurants in the casino. I would definitely go here again, but I would definitely order differently.

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