Monday, December 31, 2012

Cookie Monday: Mom's Famous Sugar Cookies

Alright guys. I did it. I made my mom's famous cookies.

My mom has been making these sugar cookies for decades. Like she'll make them for auctions and fundraisers and people's parties. Not only are they tasty, but she decorates them really well. I, as you know, am lacking in my ability to decorate food. But I was determined! I decided that the last Cookie Monday of 2012 needed to be epic!


Once I had decided which cookies to make, I had to decide what shape I'd cut them out as. My brother just gave me a Star Wars cookbook that came with cookie cutters, so I decided to make a bunch of Yoda-shaped cookies.

Baking the cookies was easy. Frosting the cookies was okay. Decorating them was damn near impossible. A lot of people today said they were adorable, but I feel like they look ridiculous. In a great way! But totally ridiculous. I'm also just so proud of myself for making the cookies taste just like my mom's.


I can't post the recipe because it's a secret. Sorry :(

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