Monday, October 01, 2012

The Return of the Unicorn Poop

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a party in Jersey at the home of the lovely JHL of A Half-Baked Life. I did not. Why? Because I locked myself out of my house, and by the time a locksmith came to let me back in (...2 1/2 hours later), there was no way I'd make it in any sort of decent time. Boo!

In my disappointment and frustration, I turned on Torchwood on Netflix and spent the rest of the day baking my now-infamous Unicorn Poop Cookies. That's right: the very first thing I've made in my house besides poptarts and bagels is Unicorn Poop.

I didn't just make a batch, either. I ended up with 4 dozen of these little turds. I gave some to friends who helped me out yesterday, some to my pregnant coworker who (oddly enough) has been craving these exact cookies, and dispersed the rest to other people throughout the day at work. Guess how many I came home with? One. And I just ate it.

Best cookies ever.

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jhl said...

Oh! So funny ... I was just looking at these again the other day, thinking I really ought to make them, now that my daughter is old enough to appreciate them! And then I felt lazy.

You've become a dealer. This could be a very good thing for you ... ;)