Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is officially the slowest I've ever taken to get a kitchen unpacked and under control, and for that, I apologize. Part of it was that I was waiting for new appliances. You see, my friends helped me get a great discount on GE appliances, so I replaced the refrigerator and oven for better, more efficient ones. They got delivered yesterday, so I finished unpacking. Ready for the magic?

This is the pile of kitchen stuff that I took out of boxes and put on the floor in my dining room (apparently a huge pile of stuff is less stressful to me than cardboard boxes everywhere):

But then the appliances came! I put pretty drawer liner and contact paper in all the drawers and shelves, and I managed to organize everything into the kitchen. Everything. That whole pile from the previous picture is now tidily placed into cabinets and drawers. The only thing missing is food. I do not have a pantry in this house, so I am going to fashion one from something at IKEA most likely. Whatever. It's a start. So this is the kitchen now, full of things!

I also went grocery shopping for pretty much the first time yesterday and bought all the staples: flour, sugar, oil and vinegar of all varieties, Sriracha, sambal oelek. You know. Basics.

So hopefully now things will calm down enough that I am actually able to cook again!


Marianne said...

Looks beautiful!

jhl said...

Hooray! for new kitchens! :)