Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving Update

I've been slowly packing up my house over the past month or so to prepare to move. I'm selling this one and buying a new one closer to work. The excitement of decorating a new house is overwhelmingly joyous to me and I am looking forward to trying to fit all of my kitchen stuff into the new kitchen.

Especially since it took 13 boxes (13!!!!) to pack up all of my dishes and appliances.


Both closings are on Tuesday. I'm hoping to be unpacked and settled by the weekend, and I've already promised my friend Lauren-Squared that I will bake her a batch of Unicorn Poop Cookies on Sunday to make up for missing her birthday.

So I will check in once I'm all moved in!


Marianne said...

Good luck with the moving!

jhl said...

whoop! Good luck with the move!

Petra Forbes said...

Have a great time moving! Oh by the way, it would be great to color coordinate. Just designate a color for each room in your new house and the boxes that would contain the things that you’re going to put in that room. That would make it easier for you when you finally decide to unpack and decorate your new home ;)

Petra Forbes

Ofelia Bertrand said...

How is it moving to a new house, Lauren? It’s been a month, so, I guess you’ve already unpacked all your things and put them in order. :) You had 13 boxes for your kitchen appliances. Did it all fit in your kitchen area? Hehe! Well, you love to bake, so I’m sure you really planned to have a spacious kitchen wherein you can have all your baking stuff there! :D