Monday, July 23, 2012

Rochester NY: Part Deux

I know I haven't posted in almost a week. Four of those days were spent on a trip to Rochester, NY, which I will discuss momentarily. The other days, I swear I've tried. There was the Great Caterpillar Debacle last Wednesday, in which I used up a ton of the vegetables from the farmer's market to make Italian Chopped Salad, only to discover a caterpillar in my bowl after preparing it. I can only assume the caterpillar came from the vegetables, which then set off a paranoid panic and resulted in throwing out the whole thing. Then I attempted to make this recipe for black bean tacos (which would have been a new recipe for me), but then learned I don't have any cornmeal. Boo. I finally ended up making Cauliflower-Onion Linguine for dinner tonight, which was delicious. Excellent.

Alright, now let's rewind.

So I went to Rochester NY to visit friends. I went there in March and posted all about the food during that trip, but we went to all new places this time.

First of all, on the five hour drive up, I stopped at JellyBeans Restaurant in the tiny little town of Painted Post, NY because the bestie Erica had given me an assignment.
The assignment was to eat at a sit-down restaurant and have a meal completely by myself. It's been almost a year since I've been on my own here, and I still hadn't ventured into the "alone in a restaurant" territory. So I went to JellyBeans and had a Mexican breakfast burrito. Amazing. And totally un-scary. I bet I can do it again sometime!

The first night I was there, my friends took me to California Rollin' Sushi Bar. We ordered a TON of delicious things. Some of the rolls ordered had bacon in them, so sadly they were not for me, but that's interesting and fun. My favorite was the Dancing Diablo Roll, which was a spicy Asian barbecued salmon rolled up in a sushi roll, and then the whole roll is deep fried and covered with more of the barbecue sauce. I KNOW RIGHT. Amazeballs.

Instead of dessert at the sushi restaurant, we went to Phillips European, which is a restaurant where you can go and just order coffee and dessert. SO MUCH DESSERT. I got a carrot cake, and it was one of the yummiest carrot cakes of all time.

And finally, I must discuss the wonder of Tim Hortons. They have delicious coffee and pastries, and I have heard that it is even better in Canada. I couldn't go to Canada because my passport didn't return to me in time :( But some day I will go there! Until then, when I visit Rochester I can have my Tim Hortons fix!

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Carrie said...

Aw, Tim Horton's. They are the bomb. The children recognize the Timbits box from across the room when Neal brings some home :)

My fave is the french vanilla cappucino... so yummy. And you can buy the mix to make it at home!

Too bad it's crazy high carb so off limits for me. I should see if I can make a sugar-free version...