Friday, June 01, 2012

Toasted Ravioli

Oh my gosh, so many make-agains. I need to try some new things! Hopefully in the next few days. More changes are coming to the Lauren household, which is that Erica is on her way to a new job out in Florida. It has been wonderful having her stay here and we will miss her enormously, and I'm pretty sure my brother will eventually move down there with her, but it's the right decision for her right now. So we'll be back to just my own reviews of food!

So I made Toasted Ravioli the other day. I had found some giant roasted vegetable ravioli and didn't feel like eating it straight, so I used this recipe. And I didn't have any milk, so I subbed in some wine. That makes sense, right? The end result was very good. I will continue to keep this recipe around.

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