Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Veganish: Day 2 - Bhel Puri

It turns out that buying lunch in the hospital cafeteria is damn near impossible when one is vegan. Yes, I could eat filler like salad, but there's no protein in it. Maybe when there are beans at the salad bar, tossing some of those on? I'm pretty sure most people on special diets thusly bring their lunches. Today I am taking a Tandoor Kitchen pad thai for lunch. Super duper.

So for dinner last night I made Bhel Puri. I love it so much, and I was thrilled to find my bombay mix at the grocery store. Surprisingly, Erica really liked it. I was nervous because it's so spicy (full-of-spices spicy, not hot-spicy) but she liked it. And hoorah for vegan!

So maybe we'll make it through the month after all. We'll be ok. We have Erica's copy of Veganomicon, and I took this as an opportunity to buy The Voluptuous Vegan and Rebar Cookbook (as well as Booze Cakes - but that's after this month is over). Farmer's market in four days! How fun.

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