Friday, May 04, 2012

Challenge: Failed

Yesterday Erica and I were discussing that being vegan sucks because we miss all of these delicious things in the world. Denise was telling me about s'mores made with Reese's, and I kept thinking about all the delicious things on Pinterest involving cream cheese, and I just felt an overwhelming sense of depriving myself. Being a vegetarian/pescetarian, I don't feel at all like I'm depriving myself. It's a lifestyle change I made 15 years ago (!15!). But eliminating dairy and eggs, regardless of the reason, felt like torture. Perhaps if it was something I felt very strongly about and truly wanted to make a permanent change, like when I was in 8th grade and chose to stop eating meat? Regardless, we decided to stop being vegan and this immediately happened.


Me: I feel like a failure. I never fail at challenges.
Erica: No. We have pizza and Snickers ice cream bars. This isn't losing. This is absolutely winning.

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Carrie said...

Amen, Erica! Amen!