Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things I Ate On My Vacation: Part 1

Continuing with my vacation update! I went to Medford, Oregon from April 16-19 to visit one of my best friends in the entire world, Denise, who runs the Healthy Living Project. Denise is my love and light; I met her on Livejournal 12 years ago (and 'in real life' many times) and though at times life has gotten in our way, we have ultimately remained very close through all the years. Seeing her was fun and exciting, and while we didn't just eat while I was in Oregon, this is my food blog and thus I will post about the food.

The first day, we went to visit our friend Brooke's coffee shop in Medford, Downtown Grounds. I had never met Brooke in person before, though I've known her through Twitter and Facebook for a couple of years, so that was fun. I'm impressed that she owns a coffee shop. I had a fantastic salted caramel mocha that brought me immense joy. If you're ever in Medford, you probably need to go there.

{Downtown Grounds}

{Me, Denise, Brooke}

Later that day, the three of us went out for sushi at Misoya Bistro Sushi in Medford.


The sushi was excellent and abundant. I had some kimchee on the side. Denise got edamame, and Brooke got some potstickers. There were so many delicious rolls to choose from. And the best thing (that I forgot to get a picture of!) was that any roll could come with a side of macaroni and cheese. I KNOW. BAFFLING. Why we didn't order it, I will never know.

{Denise's lobster roll, complete with fried lobster shell! Lobster Tail, Crab Meat, Avocado, Gobo, Tobiko and Cucumber wrapped in Soy Paper.}

{My Crazy-Boy Roll: Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Shrimp Ebi, Crab Meat, Jalapeno and Panko, deep fried}

{All of our food, including Brooke's yellowtail roll}

The next day, Denise and I went to Ashland, OR, which is Southern Oregon's epitome of typical Oregon hippie-ness. People smoking pot freely in the streets, a police station smaller than my kitchen, a random shirtless guy who looked like the guidance counselor from Freaks & Geeks performing lots of rituals with water and sage in the town circle... etc. It was so fun! We went to breakfast at Dragonfly Restaurant, which is likely one of my favorite places I ate on my journey.


I didn't know what to order because the brunch menu sounded so phenomenal, so I asked the waiter. He was amazing and decided to bring me a single slice of their famous coconut french toast "to try, and spread the word to the East Coast," in addition to my official order of an artichoke scramble. Everything was excellent. The french toast was so good that I bought the owner's cookbook, Isabel's Cantina. I look forward to attempting to make my own coconut french toast now that I am back home! So delicious.

{The famous coconut french toast}

{Artichoke Scramble}

Finally, Denise, her husband Jason, and I went to Bambu, an Asian fusion restaurant in Medford. They have Tiger Rolls, which are kind of like a spring roll version of crab rangoon. SO MUCH CREAM CHEESE. SO MUCH DELICIOUS. They also had excellent Thai iced tea, and I had some great tofu pad thai. I've heard Denise rave about Bambu before, so I was excited to finally try it. Delicious!

And then I finished off my journey with a chocolate chip Brookie's Cookie, a local cookie company run by Brooke's parents. SO AMAZING.

Oregon was fun and I would love to go back there sometime. I'm thankful to my friends for letting me stay with them and taking me to fun and exciting places, and I'm proud of myself for initiating the journey in the first place. Visiting Oregon was a goal I've had for a long time, and it's thrilling that it finally happened.


seven said...

It was so good to meet you in person! I'm glad you visited. :D

jhl said...

Oh, WOW. :) Droolworthy!