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I have an old Scottish cookbook from 1929 - first printing! - and I have no idea where I acquired it, but I have it somehow so I was determined to make something from it. And thus, I chose this. I've made Rumpledethumps before, and I've made colcannon before. And honestly, I really kind of just followed the colcannon recipe. BUT TECHNICALLY, I was making this recipe for Rumbledethumps (see, it's different: with a B, not a P). Good luck to you if you follow what it actually says! (And yes, this whole thing is straight out of the cookbook.)

The Scots Kitchen by F. Marian McNeill (1929)


"North: May I ask, with all due solemnity, what ARE rumbledethumps?"

"Shepherd: Something like Mr. Hazlitt's character of Shakespeare. Take a peck of purtatoes, and put them into a boyne - at them with a beetle - a dab of butter - the beetle again - another dab - then cabbage - purtato - beetle and dan - saut meanwhile - and a shake o' common black pepper - feenally, cabbage and purtato throughither - pree, and you'll fin' them decent rumbledethumps."

--Christopher North, Noctes Ambrosianae

F.Marian McNeil notes:
Use boiled potatoes and cabbage in approximately equal quantities. Chopped chives or cooked onion are often added. The mixture may be put in a pudding-dish, covered with grated cheese, and browned in the oven.

*Boyne = large pot
*Saut = salt
*Pree = taste

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jhl said...

I *love* cookbooks like this.

I just found out that Elizabeth Gilbert is publishing her grandmother's cookbook. Can't wait to see what's in that one!!