Monday, March 19, 2012

Thin Mint Pudding Trifles

My best friend Erica moved in this weekend, so I didn't really do any cooking. We mostly went out to dinner. My brother came down, so we all went out. Fun times were had. Tonight I made Quick Black Bean Burgers, which was enjoyed by all (it's so fun to have other people to review food again). BUT! Last night, I felt inspired to make something minty. I think I was inspired by Walking Dead in some twisted fashion. Unsure. Regardless, I ended up making these parfaits. I didn't have regular milk so I ignored the warning on the pudding box and used almond milk. It says the pudding won't set up, but it lies. The pudding was just fine. The cool whip, however, was kind of weird tasting. I did not love it. But the whole thing together was very enjoyable. Thank goodness I have so many boxes of Thin Mints!


Thin Mint Pudding Trifles
Shaken Together

Chocolate pudding
Crushed Thin Mints
Mint Cool Whip (1/2 tsp. mint extract stirred in a small tub of Cool Whip) Thin Mint cookie garnish

Layer in a glass or bowl. Magic ensues. Eat.

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* The Tattons * said...

I absolutely love and crave thin mints. So glad you have this recipe up on here. I'm totally making this...although now I'm worried about the cool whip tasting funny. Any suggestions?