Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rochester NY

I have been in Rochester, NY since Friday night after work, hence the lack of posts. I was visiting friends. I'd been to Rochester (in upstate New York, between Syracuse and Buffalo) once about six years ago but didn't get a chance to really see much around the city. So my friends made sure to take me out!

Friday night we hit up Dogtown to eat the meal that Rochester is most famous for: the garbage plate.
I understand that a "garbage plate" or "junkyard plate" does not sound appetizing. And really, it doesn't look much better. But OH MY GOSH, it is delicious. It's basically a huge meal piled on top of itself on a plate.
My friends ordered meals involving hamburgers or hot dogs, which is obviously the traditional version. I got one with veggie burgers and a veggie chili. And it was delicious! It was perfect after the four hour drive I'd just completed. Yum!

Saturday we went to the Public Market, Rochester's big farmer's market. I've been missing the farmer's market here in PA, so it was extra fun. I enjoyed seeing the differences between their market and mine, since it's obviously rooted in what's local or accessible. They're up closer to water so there was a lot of seafood available. Some of it was imported from Boston, but whatever. It was still neat. While we were there, we got some breakfast empanadas from Juan & Maria's Empanada Stop. So good!

Saturday night was the Big Fancy Dinner where we went out to Next Door Bar & Grill. Now, this is a fascinating fusion restaurant with lots of different combinations, but the extra exciting part is that it's owned by the people who own Wegmans, so there's collaboration between Wegmans and the restaurant. Wegmans, as you know, is my favorite grocery store. The restaurant was very pretty and very nice, and the food was outstanding. I had a great meal, and everyone else appeared to love their food as well. We started with sushi. There was a California roll, and...
...a salmon bacon roll. No, not salmon WITH bacon. Bacon MADE OF salmon. It wasn't the same, obviously, but it was deliciously smoky and made for an amazing sushi roll. For my main course I got halibut, which came with broccoli rabe, leek-morel puree, potato gnocchi, and a red wine reduction. Amazing! It was perfectly cooked and was one of the best preparations of fish I've had (and you KNOW how picky I am with fish).

Dessert was also fun. Jeremy & Lindsay both got creme brulee. The other Jeremy got sorbet, which was very good except he kept connecting the flavors with various breakfast cereals or snacks (like Trix or Fruit Roll-ups)! We had also had a few drinks at that point so really the sorbet just became a little bit hilarious on top of being tasty.
I ordered a pineapple-almond cake topped with chocolate-chipotle sauce and coconut ice cream. AMAZING. I was a little bit disappointed that the chipotle wasn't noticeable, but it was still amazingly good. All in all, an excellent meal.

And then I came home this morning, so thus concludes my super-quick food tour of Rochester. I'll be going back later on this summer so I'll make another post at that point. In fact, there will be a LOT of traveling and eating over the next few months, so be prepared!

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jeremiahfelt said...

We loved having you. I think, next time you come up, I may have to inflict my cooking upon you. Thank you for coming and sharing our local flavors.