Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Lovely Bunch of Repeats

Something that is fun right now is being able to revisit old recipes that I really enjoyed but that my husband did not. Now I have food freedom! No one is reliant on me! I can make anything! So tonight I made Lasagna in a Bun, and I repeated the broccoletti from a couple weeks ago (this time with an anchovy! scary! but good!). It was a delicious and tasty dinner and it brought me great joy. Hoorah!

Yesterday I was in Connecticut to visit my family and my best friend, and my mom wanted me to make Peeta's Sugar Cookies. She only ever has margarine in the house, and I was nervous that might affect the consistency of the cookies... and I was right. They tasted great, but they weren't as crisp and chewy as the regular recipe. Instead, they did this:


SO PUFFY! And that's AFTER they'd cooled! I was so angry! Everyone said they were very, very good, but I'm too much of a perfectionist sometimes and I was really unhappy with the texture. I will bring butter and make it again for my family sometime so they can have the real version :)

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