Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Food Blog: A Retrospective

So the situation is this: Gibby & I filed for divorce and now it's just been me reviewing the food. Hence the terrible terrible phone pictures. I have had my share of nights lately where my dinner consisted of coffee and cheesy poufs, and I'm sure I will have more nights like that, but I'm really going to be trying hard to get back into the swing of cooking things regularly. I have a lot of parties coming up and holidays and events and times to cook food, so hopefully that will help things out.

The crazy thing about nearly hitting this food blog's 6th birthday is that this blog has followed me through some seriously pivotal times in my life. I started this when I was 21 years old! I was still in an apartment in Boston in college! This blog has been with me through a broken engagement, a marriage (and now divorce), graduation of college, graduation from graduate school, in vitro fertilization, and living in three different states (MA, MD, PA). We'll be hitting our sixth Thanksgiving post, our sixth Christmas post. You've followed me on vacations to Sweden and to St. Lucia and to Texas. And at almost 1800 posts, we've certainly traveled through the world of food together.

When I look back at the posts from 2005, it astounds me, my lack of cooking ability and the crappy food I ate that I thought was rockin' at the time. I've gone from eating fish sticks wrapped in a tortilla and calling it a fish taco to making my own pate brisee! Not only have I grown as a person throughout this time, I have grown as an amateur chef.

So while I wish this new life event was not occurring, it is, and we have to deal with it. There will be minor changes to the blog simply because everything will be a biased opinion (my own) and everything will have terrible pictures (thanks, Droid), but it makes sense. Food is such an important part of my life, and therefore it makes sense that my life would be reflected in my food. So. Welcome to the new leg of my journey!


jhl said...

Lauren, I'm sorry to hear this ... if I lived closer, I'd be over with some comfort food, no doubt, and a pot of tea. Maybe you don't even like tea. But the sentiment is there.

Food is the constant ... funny how that works, isn't it? It's the same for me. Hang in there ... I am sending virtual hugs, and strength for this next leg.

Anonymous said...

We were once LiveJournal friends way back in the 1800s. We friended each other right before you deleted your LJ all together. At some point I either asked you via email what your new blog was or I just searched and found it. We were brand spankin new LJ friends so I didn't feel close enough to let you KNOW I thought you were awesome and wanted to keep reading. Over the years I've silently (and in a non-creepy way, I assure you) been a silent reader of your normal blogs and your food blog. I always come here for inspiration when I'm making out next month's menu selection and there have been more than a few that have become regulars.

I have no idea where I'm going with this but I just wanted to let you know...from someone that's read your writings for years now (since the Cyrus days), I'm sorry to hear that you're hurting right now. If I've learned anything about you from what I've read over the years what I DO know is that you're going to overcome this and in the end, you'll be a stronger & better version of yourself. With every new chapter of your life you've done so and this will be no exception.

And I'm sorry about the whole shadow in the dark blog reader stuff...I just stopped blogging shortly after LJ & I felt it was unfair to try to stay blog friends if I had nothing to share with you in return. I've read your blog through college / grad school / marriage and life in 3 states though.

Now you know!


Keith Bolek said...


Both Clare and I are sad to hear that you and Gibby filed for divorce. We have both been thinking about you and hope that everything will be okay.

Although I am a new follower of your blog (relatively speaking), I am happy to hear that you will get back into the swing of cooking again. I really enjoy reading your posts and I look forward to the next part of your culinary journey. :)


P.S.: The terrible, terrible phone photos are NOT terrible at all.

Liz Murphy said...

Hey there,

It's Liz (Beth) Moorehead, now Liz Murphy. I know it's been years -- seriously at this point even ARI is married to someone else. And to be honest I don't even remember what the hell happened. That said, I've always checked in over the years to see how you were doing. As weird as it sounds, I still care -- in a non-creepy way, haha.

And then I saw this.

I know I probably won't get a response, but I just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts during this rough time. I can't even imagine what you're going through right now. But if you ever need someone to talk to, albeit a ghost from the past, I am here if you need anything at all. Even just to say hi.
@elizabethtalks on Twitter

Also, that sugar pie looks ridiculously good.