Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chili Pepper Festival

Yesterday was the Easton Farmer's Market Chile Pepper Festival. As you know, I go to the farmers market every Saturday morning. I love it. AND I love chili peppers. I saw on Facebook that there would be a chili pepper eating contest, so I decided to sign up. Mostly because I am crazy. And I'm wicked competitive. And I love spicy food. And I'm crazy.


A lot of people came to watch! I guess there were 15 of us competing? Someone told me 25, but the event's Facebook photo album indicates that there were 15. Regardless, I came in 7th. Here was the format:


We had 7 peppers lined up in front of us from least hot to most hot. At the bullhorn, we had to all eat the first pepper, all the way to the stem. If you throw up, you lose. You can tap out at any time. And volunteers were there with milk and ice to help soothe those who dropped out.


The peppers we had to eat were, in order:
Banana pepper (500 Scoville units), hot banana pepper (5000-15,000 Scoville), Thai chili (50,000-100,000 Scoville), cayenne chili ("ring of fire") (30,000-50,000 Scoville), small lemon drop (30,000 Scoville), white habanero (300,000 Scoville), orange habanero (350,000 Scoville).


getting worse


I powered through all 7 of those. My face was red, my eyes were watering, my mouth and throat felt like I was on fire. There were still 7 of us left (according to observer reports - I was too delirious to count) and we moved on to the tie-breaker round: a LARGE lemon drop. So I ate that, and no joke- I started to hallucinate. I was seeing spots and everything was swirling around me and I was pretty sure I was dying. It reminded me of the Simpsons.

So I tapped out. They gave me three glasses of milk and I stopped seeing spots, but I felt sooooooooooooo awful. Oh my gosh. But I came in 7th!! It was a miracle! And let me tell you, I paid for it the whole rest of the day yesterday. And if I ever taste a lemon drop pepper again, I'm going to vomit. They are NOT GOOD.


But it was worth it because I had super a lot of fun. I wish I'd won, but there's just no way any of us could have beat this dude.


He's a pro who carries around ghost pepper powder (over 1 million Scoville) in his pocket to sprinkle at restaurants. Oh well. Good for him.

And that was my chili pepper adventure.

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Summastarlet said...

You are awesome (and so brave!). I cannot believe you ate all those chillies! LOL @ the Homer Simpson type hallucinations...