Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Food Challenge

This is silly, I know. But you know I can't make things without recipes, and I obsessively plan out our meals for the week. This week, I decided to try an experiment: I didn't make a meal plan. I went to the farmer's market and bought things that looked good. I went to the dairy farm and bought things that looked good (I'm going to need to do a post about raw milk at some point). I got a random assortment of stuff and then.... every night I am just doing what normal people do and deciding what to make. Last night I roasted some zucchini with garlic and pine nuts and tossed it with some pasta. No recipe! Voila! How did I do this? I don't know.

Tonight was the most exciting because I made Wheat Berry & Barley Salad with Smoked Mozzarella, which we have eaten and loved many times before. Okay. I didn't have wheat berries so I doubled the barley. I didn't have cherry tomatoes but I did have beautiful fresh tomatoes so I chopped those up. Fresh garlic mushed up, check. Fresh green onions, check. I used canned corn, so sue me. And then - this is the most exciting - I used some amazing smoked gouda from the aforementioned dairy farm. AMAZING.

So I'm pretty proud of myself so far this week.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! It sounds as if you have real talent!!!

Keith Bolek said...

Welcome to the world of spontaneous cooking. And, as Clare can attest, the challenge for me would be to plan an entire week of meals. I have yet to successfully meet that challenge. :)