Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Corn & Crab Fritters

I made these Corn & Crab Fritters over a year ago (and burned them, so I took a new picture this time) and forgot about them. Then my friends started talking about them on my Facebook the other day, saying that it's one of their favorite recipes from my blog. Surprised by this, I decided to try it out again. I used some more fresh corn from the farm, fresh tomatoes, fresh eggs - loving the fresh stuff.

Unfortunately, I cheaped out on the crab and that was the downfall. These did not taste very good... and it was definitely due to the crab. It was too strong and tasted way too oceany. I was really disappointed since they turned out so beautifully. Sad sad sad. Maybe I will try them again in another year.

Here's a better photo from this time around:

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