Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pantry Raid

Today I made a big batch of hummus and then some Halushki. Our friend Ben is in town on his way to Pittsburgh so I thought I would make something traditional Pennsylvanian. He said it was not terrible. That's good enough for me!

Since I have no new food to post about, and since someone recently mentioned that they enjoy seeing what people have in their refrigerators, I took some pictures. Come with me as we tour my kitchen:
OK, so this is the refrigerator as a whole. We have a ton of lemonade, water, and beer. Weird things: a giant tub of Wegmans potato salad (top right), hot dogs (ew meat, rarely in the house) (top right), kefir (middle shelf on the right), $1500 in fertility medication (hidden behind the salsa on the top left, most of it is expired but I can't bring myself to throw it away).

This is my eclectic side. It has all the Asian ingredients, like Sriracha and soy sauce, as well as middle-eastern stuff like harissa and chutney. Weird things: tahini, garbanzo bean flour, white miso paste.

This is the condiment door. All your basic stuff, from mayo to ketchup.

This is my pantry. It is disorganized but I try to keep it organized. The middle shelf has all my rice and dried beans and stuff. Gibby recently got a labelmaker for his job so I used it to label things like millet and quinoa. It was a fun time. The weirdest things in here: a jar of kaffir lime leaves, three different kinds of cornmeal.

And just in case you ever doubted me when I said I only buy spices from Penzeys, here is the cabinet I had to buy specifically to hold my spices.

I encourage you to take pictures of your own kitchens! It would be fun.

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Summastarlet said...

Your fridge and pantry are so full..they put mine to shame!! And I LOVE how organised your pantry is...I want mine like that!!