Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some Repeats

Last night I made Roasted Corn & Poblano Chowder. I believe the exact (edited for language) post I made on Twitter as the corn and peppers were roasting (and I had some downtime) was:

"F*** I FORGOT TO BUY POTATOES Ahhhhhhhh i figured this out once I was halfway through the f***ing recipe. S***. This will be terrible."

So, you may have guessed from that tweet that I didn't have potatoes. Luckily, I discovered I'd bought more corn than I needed so I just added all of it to bulk up the soup in place of the potatoes. It's better with potatoes, but it's still always awesome.

Then tonight I made Broccoli Alfredo, which is a recipe I've been making since my first apartment in college. It's so super easy and requires pretty much zero thought or cooking ability. Yet it's still really good. Since I didn't feel like making much tonight, it worked out very well.

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Anonymous said...

It all sounds so good! Can you come and cook for me??