Sunday, May 01, 2011


Today my mother-in-law visited so we went out to dinner. We decided to knock another restaurant off the Restaurant Challenge (our 9th!) so we tried out Paolo's in Northampton.

Well, it's in a strip mall next to a Family Dollar and a Subway. But that's okay. Maybe it's awesome. Well... not quite. I mean, it's definitely upscale compared to many restaurants in this area. But just because your food costs more than Red Robin does not mean it is a fine dining establishment. This restaurant was definitely way better than Miguel's, but there is no way I would ever include it on a "top 25" best restaurants in the Lehigh Valley.

We're fairly certain at this point that the person who compiled the list was taking kickbacks to include some of these restaurants. Seriously.

Will that stop us? No. We're in the middle of a challenge! We must continue this. Unless a restaurant on the list closes before we get to it, we are still going to eat at all of them!

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised you didn't love Paolo's. We have gone their several times and loved the food! You might have just hit it on an off night, but everyone I know raves about it!!

By the way.....WE MISS YOU!!!!!!