Thursday, April 07, 2011

Updates, Awards, and Friends

Let's do this in the form of a Q&A.

Q: Why aren't you cooking?
A: I have no kitchen. The cabinets are up, the flooring is down, and there are exactly zero appliances and no countertop. We're waiting on the granite guy to come install the countertop, and the appliances can't be delivered & hooked up until the counters are in. Thus, we are still living out of our microwave and some pizza boxes, and our refrigerator is still in the garage.

Q: When will the renovation be done?
A: Hopefully within the next week. I'm not positive. All the planets seem to be aligning for the weekend of the 17th. I'm not kidding. A bazillion major life changes are scheduled for that weekend, so it would make sense for our kitchen to be done at the same time.

Q: What's new in the land of food for the Gibsons?
A: We're signed up for a local CSA, which will begin in May. Hopefully our kitchen will be back together by then and I can roast the hell out of all the delicious vegetables we'll be getting. Also, now that I'm going to have a new job ending much earlier in the day (4:30 rather than 7:30!) I'll probably have way more flexibility in terms of cooking during the week. So by the time the kitchen is back, hopefully I'll be posting more regularly than I have been over the past two years. That will be fun.

Q: Who is Keith and what is a blog award?
A: Keith is the fantastic chef behind the Chef Bolek blog. I worked with his wife before we moved to Pennsylvania and she told me about Keith's insane cooking abilities. Despite his wife being a pescetarian, Keith cooks all kinds of foods according to self-assigned challenges, such as Around the World in 80 Dishes, in which he is cooking dishes from different countries around the world, or Iron Chef against himself. Not only does he do research for what he's making, and actually acquires the difficult-to-find ingredients, but he often manages to pair them with a beer or alcoholic beverage from the region he is exploring. I like reading his blog.

So he gave me this:

It's so funny because I have another blog dedicated to a medical catastrophe we're working through (infertility), and that blog gets awards all the time when it's really just a bunch of complaining. This blog means more to me in the sense of that it's based on things I make and create, not something that has happened to me, so I feel quite honored to receive an award for it! Especially from a prestigious chef like Keith!

The rules for receiving the award are:
1) Post the award on your blog with the name and blog of the person who gave it to you
2) Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award
3) Contact the blog owners to let them know you have awarded them

Much like Keith, I don't have a lot of food blogs I follow. I think everyone and their mother checks out Pioneer Woman and Cookie Madness every once in awhile, and, if you read my blog enough, you know I love Joe's Blog, but these are all huge cooking websites where no one would notice an award. So instead of 15, I will choose:

-Until We Eat Again, which is a sweet blog by a vegetarian/vegan couple and I really enjoy their reviews of restaurants, as well as their recipes. Yum!

-Justine at A Half-Baked Life, who I met through the aforementioned infertility blogging community. She has this magical way of weaving food and recipes in with the struggles she has endured on her path to parenthood.

-Denise at The Healthy Living Project, who is not only one of my best friends and favorite people in the entire world, but also has an inspirational website about healthy living and her adventures toward wellness.

-Nadine at GoSeeMake&Do, a long-time internet friend from our Great Neighbor to the North, who posts about crafts and has been on a baking frenzy lately. It's great.

You all are wonderful, everything is super, and hopefully I will return with recipes soon!


nadine said...

thanks lauren!! i've been having a lot of fun becoming a food blogger.

justine said...

:) awww! Thank you, Lauren!

Keith Bolek said...

Thanks Lauren for the kind words! I have to say I cannot wait to see the new kitchen and all of the great dishes that you will be able to make in the new space. :)