Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kitchen Renovation: Part 1

I'm posting this in all three of my blogs so I apologize in advance for my IRL friends who read all three.

So here are some before/after pictures of the kitchen renovation thus far. I know it looked nice before. We liked it. But the refrigerator couldn't really open all the way without hitting the island, and we had to squeeeeeze past the island to get anywhere. It was really poorly placed. The electrical and flooring were poorly installed. And our dishwasher crapped out. So! A full renovation it is.

All the 'before' pictures were taken after we had already emptied out the majority of the kitchen. It used to have furniture and stuff in it.

Main Part of the Kitchen



Also they had to shift the doorway leading into my computer/craft room:

Breakfast Nook
This had already been emptied out when I took the 'before' picture. It used to have a table and chairs, spice cabinet, and Emma's bed (still in the empty picture).


All of it is in the garage until our contractor finds a buyer for our cabinets and appliances. Not sending it to the dump! Hoorah! Our refrigerator is still hooked up, just in the garage. Our microwave is in the dining room, and everything else from the kitchen is scattered throughout the house. It's kind of a disaster zone. Tomorrow they're supposed to tile and start installing the cabinetry.

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sorry you are in such craziness in the home but te nesting is fun!! love ya Ash