Tuesday, January 04, 2011


While we've made many iterations of colcannon, this is the first straight-up colcannon recipe I've made. I was a little wary of it due to the boiling of the cabbage and onion, but you can't really go wrong with potatoes and cabbage and cheese, right? Right. Especially when you use a beautifully aged sharp cheddar. Oh boy. I used savoy cabbage instead of regular green because I like the texture better. And it was fantastic. This was delicious and definitely aced the Lunchbox Test today. He liked it even better than Rumpledethumps. We would definitely put this into the rotation.


Jane Brody's Good Food Book via CLBB

1 pound potatoes, unpeeled
4 cups shredded green cabbage
1 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup milk
1 tablespoon butter
3 ounces cheddar or other hard cheese, grated
Salt and pepper, to taste

1. Boil potatoes in lightly salted water until tender.

2. Drain,reserving the liquid,and set them aside to cool Using the reserved potato water, boil the cabbage and onion for about 5 minutes- Drain and set aside.

3. When potatoes are cool enough to handle,peel and mash with milk,butter,and salt and pepper, to taste.

4. Add the reserved onion and cabbage mixture.

5. Mix 2/3 of the cheese with the potatoes and transfer to a greased casserole or shallow baking dish.

6. Sprinkle with remaining cheese on top.

7. Heat in a moderately hot oven (350-400 for 30 minutes or so) and let cheese on top brown slightly.

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