Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The past couple weeks have been tumultuous, at best, so I haven't had time to go grocery shopping or make meal plans or - on some nights - cook at all. So this explains the lack of posts. I have made a couple of repeat recipes with ingredients I had on hand. Last night was Cheesy Baked Tortellini, and later last week I made Vegetable Bibimbap.

Usually I make a meal plan every Friday and we grocery every Saturday. I am able to adjust this when we are out of town or whatever, but things have been too crazy to even stick to a plan. Therefore, my challenge this week is to use the ingredients we already have to make delicious food. Luckily we had some frozen tortellini, homemade marinara sauce in a jar, and half a tub of mascarpone, so I remembered the baked tortellini.

This should be an interesting week as I try to figure out what we will eat.

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