Sunday, October 17, 2010

Towne Stove & Spirits

Friday night we went to Boston. I went to school in Boston but haven't been back since I graduated, and when I lived there, I was poor and did not make the best of the excellent restaurants around the city. So I was determined that we should go to a delicious restaurant for a delicious meal. After poring over websites, Zagat scores, and menus, I finally decided on Towne Stove & Spirits on Boylston Street in Back Bay.


To drink, we both got sangrias - I got white, Gibby got red. We were also served water in these adorable little beakers (which we would like to copy!) and an array of bread and dip. There was an eggplant dip that was a little bit strong, some excellent Vermont butter, and an unidentifiable white dip that was delicious. We tried to figure out what it was, and nothing could have prepared us. Ready for this? Bread soaked in milk, whipped with cod roe and potatoes. WHAT? What a bizarre concoction. But oh my gosh, it was so good.

For an appetizer, Gibby got razorback clams a la plancha (with a pimento pepper aioli) and I got beet carpaccio (yes, beet, not beef). He loved his clams but had never seen razorbacks before so he was a little surprised. I don't like bivalves unless they are in chowder so I just dipped some bread in the sauce and declared it tasty. I loved my little salad of thin-shaved beets, squares of watermelon and creamy feta, and a little sprinkling of herbs. It was wonderful and simple.

As a main course, Gibby got wagyu skirt steak with wasabi and hot green garlic and absolutely loved it. He loves high-quality beef to begin with, and loves spicy things. It came with little potato crisps. I also got the potato crisps, along with some fried sweet potato and turnip because I ordered the lobster roll with frites. Holy crap. So simple - just a toasted, buttered roll with buttery lobster - but incredible. If it weren't for the fact that the bread got soggy from the butter, I would have given this the title of Best Lobster Ever. Instead that title still belongs to the lobster burger at Central in DC! But this was certainly a close second.

And what was for dessert? This may shock you: nothing. We were both really full so we skipped dessert. That is probably the only time that is ever going to happen in life, ever.

We really enjoyed Towne and would definitely recommend it!

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