Monday, August 09, 2010

Hard 8

Where have I been? TEXAS! We went to Dallas for a few days to visit my relatives out there. It was a lot of fun! We did everything we wanted to do, especially Gibby's Number 1 Goal: "Eat Texas barbecue." I told my aunt this ahead of time so they picked out a barbecue restaurant that they like. So we went to Hard 8 BBQ in Coppell, Texas.

This is no chain, like Longhorn Steakhouse or Texas Roadhouse. This is the real deal. Don't believe me?


That's a TON OF MEAT on top of the smoker. There were like 12 smokestacks in the ceiling. There was chicken and ribs and brisket and bacon-jalapeno-turkey poppers and pulled pork and other pounds of flesh. You order it by the pound and they slice it up and give it to you right off the smoker.

It was me & Gibby, my aunt & uncle, and my grandparents. So six of us. Technically 5 if you consider that I didn't eat any of the meat. So they got all of this to share:


They didn't quite finish it and my grandparents took some home. My goodness. Gibby liked it but they all agreed there was too much fat on the ribs. Oh well.

And what did I eat? The poor vegetarian lost at the barbecue restaurant? Everyone always figures I will starve. No sir!


Side dishes are my friend. I had cornbread salad and a garden salad and bread and roasted corn and a big baked potato, and some banana pudding. No one else made it to the banana pudding, so really I'm better off than they all were! It was the good kind, with the 'Nilla Wafers in the bottom. Oh yum.

So Gibby had his Texas barbecue. Hooray!

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