Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great American Pie Festival

The past four days, we've been in Florida visiting my relatives! And by pure coincidence (I swear), the Great American Pie Festival and National Pie Championships were being held right where we were visiting! No way! So, naturally, we went.


The festival itself was small and standard, with vendors selling everything from tshirts to handmade soap. There was a kids' station where they could decorate pies and roll out dough and stuff. I met this lovely lad over there.


We paid the $10 apiece to enter the Never-Ending Pie Buffet. You walk in and there are like 20 different vendors who've won previous years in the championship's commercial division. They had SLICES of pie. Not just little samples. Actual SLICES for us to take and eat.


I made sure we tried most of the pies (except the cherry ones, I don't really like cherry). We had some great ones (like Village Inn's candy cane pie) and some terrible ones (Wicks peanut butter pie - ick!). I tweeted the whole thing, so here is the rundown of what we ate and our thoughts.

*Winn Dixie - excellent coconut cream and chocolate cream.
*Rocky Mountain Pies - excellent banana cream, okay caramel apple. The rhubarb strawberry tastes like Smuckers jam though, not pie-ish.
*California Raisin Board's raisin maple crunch is NOT GOOD. We actually accidentally bought one of these. It looks like a pecan pie but when we got home we discovered it was NOT.
*Wicks' - german chocolate pie is yummy, but the peanut butter one just tastes like peanut butter in a crust.
*Harlan Pies - lemon meringue - we're divided. I don't like it, Gibby does.
*Kroger - delicious peanut butter, making up for the previous one. They also have great dark chocolate, and peach lattice.
*Bonert's - peach pineapple. It was nothing special.
*Village Inn - fantastic pecan, and a delightfully surprising candy cane pie.
*Publix - sugar free blueberry is ok.
*Key West - frozen key lime pie on a stick. The star of the day.

The key lime pie on a stick:

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