Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shula's Steak House

Gibby's birthday was yesterday! He's 24! Hooray! To celebrate, we went to Shula's Steak House at the Saucon Valley Promenade. It was GREAT. The service was great, the ambience was great, the food was amazing, they treated us wonderfully, the bathrooms have TVs in them, and they called us to tell us Gibby had left his credit card there. We really liked it a lot. It's definitely somewhere we'd go to for another special occasion sometime.


What did we eat?

For an appetizer, we shared the Calamari "Fries." I don't know how they did it, but they were long strips of calamari, versus the typical rings, lightly seasoned and fried. They kind of reminded me of chicken fingers. They came with two sauces: a tomato remoulade and a mustard aioli. The portion was huge so it was definitely good to share.

Then for an entree, Gibby got the Steak Maryann, which was two little steaks and a peppercorn sauce. This reminds me to mention that you may recognize Shula's from the live episode of Man Vs. Food. The restaurant has a challenge where, if you eat their 48 oz steak in one sitting, you get your name on a plaque and a signed photo from Don Shula. Tangent. OK. So Gibby didn't get the 48 oz at all because he weighs like 5 lbs to begin with. He got two 5oz steaks. I got some crab cakes, which were huge and exceptional. And, to share, we got some lobster mashed potatoes, which were just as decadent as they sound. Holy god. Delicious.

Then they brought out a chocolate seven-layer cake with a sparkler in it for Gibby's birthday! Hoorah! Happy birthday, husband. :)

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