Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Original Fish Market

While we were in Pittsburgh, we stayed in the Westin hotel for our counseling convention. On the bottom floor is the restaurant The Original Fish Market, so we decided to have a fancy dinner there after a long day of workshops. Gibby didn't let me take pictures, haha. But we were next to an aquarium with some goofy looking fish that entertained us throughout the entire meal.

We started off with buffalo baby shrimp with a blue cheese dipping sauce, and they were FANTASTIC. Because it's a seafood restaurant, we naturally had to have fish for our meals. Gibby got mesquite-grilled mahi mahi and I got green curry tilapia. Both were wonderfully delicious. I loved that my curry was spicy! It made the fish delicious. For dessert we had a chocolate lava cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Perfect!

The thing I liked most about this restaurant was that I didn't even need to pull out my Seafood Watch guide - the menu already contains this statement:

At The Original Fish Market, the sustainablility of the world’s seafood supply is a great concern. With increased consumer awareness and an increase in seafood consumption worldwide, the demand for aquaculture and sustainable wild sources has increased in recent years. Items marked with an asterisk represent our most sustainable options.

I like that they are socially aware and emphasizing that to their customers. Awesome!

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