Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My partner at work has been telling me I MUST make the local dish entitled Halushki. I keep forgetting to do it because, as you know, I am useless when it comes to cooking without a straight-up recipe. But when I made the buttered cabbage for St. Patrick's Day, an anonymous commenter (is that you, Jen?) again mentioned it. So I used that cabbage recipe, tossed in an onion, cooked up some egg noodles, and made some delicious halushki.

In a rare turn of events, I don't have a specific recipe to post, other than the buttered cabbage that I used as the basis for it all. I did google to find out if I was doing it right. According to this site, I did it right! We would agree. It was definitely delicious, super-simple, and super-easy. I will definitely make this again.


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PorshaJo said...

Hi - I posted about the Halushki. Glad you liked - one of my go-to meals as it's so quick.

Long time reader, very rare poster. Enjoy the site and the recipes.