Sunday, December 20, 2009

Food Gifts!

On Friday we got a couple of delicious food-gifts right before we left to go down to DC (to get stuck in the snowstorm)! I decided they were so yummy they needed a post on the food blog.

Annie made us these, which I have no idea what they are but they seem to have graham crackers, chocolate, and caramel and are very addicting. I have already eaten most of them :-[


My Aunt Karin mailed us these, which are awesome and unique (and Gibby's new favorite), with white chocolate, Cap'n Crunch, pretzels, and all kinds of other stuff.


We also got a copy of Julie & Julia (movie) from my grandmother, and Gibby bought us ten boxes of Kinder Happy Hippos. It's always fun to have food for Christmas :)

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen Julie & Julia? I keep seeing it on the On Demand list and want to rent it, but I don't, you have to let me know. :)