Sunday, November 01, 2009


I wanted to make a nice tasty fruity drink (non-alcoholic) in my pretty cha-cha pitcher for us to drink for Halloween. Sifting through my recipes, I found this one. It is very, very good. It would also taste very good with some vodka, just FYI. I mixed it on up and we drank most of it last night while we handed out candy.

So what is a MarTimmy? Once upon a time, before NBC scooted it off to some obscure satellite TV channel, there was a soap opera called Passions. On Passions, there was a witch and a little "doll" who came to life. His name was Timmy. The actor eventually died, which was crazy because his character died in the episodes right before he passed, and they film the shows like a month in advance. Weird! Anywho, he used to make MarTimmys for himself and the witch for various holidays. NBC posted the recipe one year so I kept it. And I'm glad I did because it was delightful. We would definitely make this again (with vodka probably) for a party or something. Or a Tuesday.



3 12oz cans of lemonade, thawed/diluted
1 bottle of ginger ale
1 cup of frozen orange juice, thawed/diluted
1 quart of cranberry juice cocktail
1 orange thinly sliced into 12

1: Combine liquid ingredients together, mix well.

2: Serve chilled with a slice of orange.

Yield: 12 drinks

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