Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vegetarian Pad Thai

First off, I changed the layout of my blog again! I like it a lot. It's very cheerful.

Tonight I made Pad Thai. Loooove it. I've been meaning to make it for a couple weeks but I keep having problems - bean sprouts go bad, tamarind expires. Bah! So today I had some nice fresh bean sprouts and I found a big jar of tamarind concentrate and we had some pad thai. Delicious!

The tamarind could not be found at the regular grocery store. Luckily, while we were out this afternoon I noticed a small Indian market attached to an Allstate office. Haha. So we stopped there and I was SO happy! Not only did I find my tamarind, but I found a great place for basmati rice, paneer, bhel puri mix, lentils, rice, spices, everything! Yay! Everyone looked at us weird and kept asking if we were finding what we needed. The area we live in is NOT diverse so I don't think a lot of white people venture in there very often. Isn't that pathetic? I miss DC's diversity a lot. But oh well. Now that we know the Indian market is nearby, I surely will hit it up for all kinds of fun meals.

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