Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seafood Risotto

When I posted my review of Seafood Risotto last year, I based my "delicious!" review solely on Gibby's opinion. I, at the time, had an upper respiratory infection and could barely breathe, let alone taste things. I felt it had a pleasing texture, but I had no idea what it tasted like.

I forgot this fact when I made the recipe tonight. So I was all excited, planning for a meal I knew would be delicious. We worked together making the risotto, and I couldn't help noticing it was rather seafoody-smelling, but I figured I'd be OK. Then we sat down to eat. Gibby, once again, gobbled it up. I took one bite and said, "Oh good god, why did you let me EAT this?!" I did NOT like it. It was like taking a big bite of ocean. Oh my gosh. Not yummy. I deleted the recipe from my program. Blah! (Ironically, I am just completing a round of antibiotics for another upper respiratory infection - this time, I am able to taste what I am eating, though!)

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