Saturday, July 18, 2009

Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole

When I was in college, my mom used to make this for me in batches. We'd load up some tupperware and I'd take it back with me to feed myself for a week or so. It reheats very well. The caveat? It is stinky in the refrigerator! It is SO YUMMY but it is just very pungent when refrigerated! No idea why. Don't let it deter you. It's amazingly delicious. It's also very quick to make, and versatile. Make it in the oven or make it in the microwave. Make it vegetarian or add some chicken.

I'll post this with my mom's notes along with it, ok?


Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole
Mom! July 21, 2002

*Microwave time is an want it warmed through and thickened, but NOT burned. Trial and error.
*Remember, you can add precooked chicken for the carnivores.

2-4 cups cooked rice
1 can Cheddar cheese soup (10 3/4 oz)
1 can broccoli cheese soup (10 3/4 oz)
16 oz frozen cut broccoli
Salt and pepper
Shredded cheddar cheese
8x12 pyrex dish

Cook 2 cups rice (there are rice packets that can be cooked in the microwave).

Thaw 16 oz package frozen cut broccoli (just poke a hole in bag & set on paper towel in microwave, 5-10 minutes).

Mix: cheddar soup, broccoli cheese soup, thawed broccoli, enough cooked rice for desired consistency (and, if using chicken, this is where you'd add the chicken).

Spray Pyrex dish with non-stick spray.

Spread casserole in dish.

Sprinkle cheddar cheese (shredded) over top (leave shredded cheese off until last 2 minutes if microwaving).

Cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes at 350°. Alternatively, cover with saran wrap and microwave for 15 minutes, then stir, then microwave for 10 more minutes.

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