Monday, June 15, 2009

Starfish Brasserie

Yesterday was our anniversary (1 year, hooray!) so we went out for a nice dinner. We get 10% off at a bunch of local restaurants since we are living in a Residence Inn, so we took advantage of that and went to Starfish Brasserie in downtown Bethlehem, PA. It had gotten some good reviews, it is billed as "fine dining," and it had a nice, seafood-filled prix fixe menu on Sundays.

It BLEW. What a waste of money.

We should have been alerted when we arrived and discovered we were the only people dining there that evening:

Gibby made some good, safe picks. He started with some mussels, which were very tasty, and then he had snow crab legs. It's hard to go wrong when steaming crab legs. Life balanced out though because his dessert was absolutely vile. It was supposed to be a peanut butter cheesecake, but it was this big pile of glop that just was a horrible texture and was kind of like peanut butter mixed with a little bit of flour and plopped on a place with a nasty gelatinous sauce. Ugh. He also ordered a chocolate martini and declared that terrible as well.

I fared far worse, as the only yummy thing I ate was the amuse bouche (a small Thai red curry mussel, which was fabulous), the bread, and Gibby's food. I had shrimp remoulade for my appetizer, which was very cold and not yummy at all. A lot of the food seemed to have come directly from the refrigerator, so this is a common theme. My main dish was tigerfish with udon noodles and a spicy curry sauce. Except they failed to tell me it was skin-on fish, which I think is gross, and it was super-bland when I peeled the skin off. And then the curry sauce wasn't spicy at all, and there was a huge pile of mushy steamed shredded carrots. It was awful. I did not eat much. I ate Gibby's mashed potatoes. They weren't great either but they were potatoes. My dessert was a safe - or so I thought - lemon-poppyseed cake with fresh fruit. Except the cake was the driest thing ever created and tasted weird. The berries were good at least.

Our service was good. The guy was nice and corrected a billing mistake without question. The restaurant looked nice, although they'd had an Open Mic that afternoon so there were some grungy guys still cleaning up from that. The shellfish (mussels and crab) were excellent, and all of my food was terrible. We will not be going back to Starfish Brasserie, this is for certain.

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Anonymous said...

Ick. :( Sorry again that your anniversary dinner wasn't so great. I guess it was memorable, though, huh? ;) I'll remember to stay away from the Starfish Brasserie. It just sounds "eh". :\