Friday, May 22, 2009

PJ Whelihan's

OK I didn't cook again today. Leave me alone. I live in a hotel. Plus we're exploring the new area and how better to do it than to try out restaurants? If we hadn't gone searching for tonight's restaurant, I would never have accidentally gotten on 78 and discovered Dorney Park, which is amazing and close to our hotel and oh my gosh I love roller coasters. But I digress.

We went to PJ Whelihan's on recommendation from my supervisor and another program supervisor at my company's staff appreciation day (I started during a good week!). They said it had the best wings in the Lehigh Valley. Gibby, as you may know, LOVES wings. And so we went. We visited their Allentown branch though they have a few different locations in Jersey too. Gibby enjoyed the wings quite a bit - their specialty is honey-barbecue, which is his absolute favorite. I had a yummy grilled cheese sandwich. The fries came with a cheesy dip that was probably not healthy but was very yummy.

It's exciting to do new things.

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Ashley said...

Dorney Park is fun, but Hershey Park is funner! :-)